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Plaza Point


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Plaza Point is a three-story, mixed-use development that provides an attractive and dignified living opportunity for seniors.⁷ It is designed to create a welcoming and vibrant community where neighborhood charm, urban connections, and sustainability are celebrated.⁷ As well, there are market-rate commercial spaces on the first floor. The project has achieved multiple green building certifications, including LEED for Homes - Platinum.⁷ The design is equipped a photo-voltaic (PV) system, allowing residents access to the benefits of generating their own electricity with a renewable generator and without the initial capital investment of installing a system. Giving these low-income folks peace of mind knowing their energy bills will be low and generated clean, without having the stress and sacrifice of not using energy to cut down costs. Redwood Energy’s utility calculation predicted these units to be $16.05/month for 1-bedroom units & $19.00/month for 2-bedroom units. The town of Arcata is located in Northern California and resides on a portion of the Humboldt Bay surrounded by towering Cascade mountain range and redwood forests. Arcata is ripe with opportunities for outdoor recreation, from hiking to boating and everything in between. Arcata hosts a range of cultural events for the community, including a weekly Farmers Market, the annual Oyster Festival, Kinetic Grand Championship, Holiday Craft Market, Arts! Arcata, and more.

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  • 29 Units, Mixed-use
  • Designed 90% Net Zero Energy and Performing 103% Net Positive
  • Features: Meal Programs, NetZero Energy, LEED Platinum, Department of Energy (DOE), WaterSense, Indoor Air Quality Plus, Energy Builders’ Challenge Program, Energy Star for Homes

Working for a Zero Net Energy California

Redwood Energy has led the design of more than 20,000 units of Zero Net Energy, all-electric affordable housing, and 200 all-electric market rate residences.