Redwood Energy is an 11-year-old certified Microbusiness with 9 staff from diverse backgrounds. We are a collaborative, innovative design firm that has worked with dozens of development teams on hundreds of all-electric, 100% solar offset designs over the last eleven years. According to SoCal Edison’s review of California's building permits, Redwood Energy designed 2/3rds of the all-electric multifamily housing built in Californiabetween 2012 and 2019, almost all of it also 100% solar offset. According to the 2020 Project Zero database,half of the Zero Net Energy residences in California, and one in four North American, were designed by Redwood Energy.

All of Redwood Energy’s multifamily developments are mixed-use, with offices, public transit hubs, retail,childcare facilities, restaurants, laundromats, and similar uses. Redwood Energy maintains records of construction cost bids for HVAC, Hot Water, Solar Arrays and Appliances, and we help lower costs for our affordable housing clients with recommendations grounded in real-world costs. This data has also proven valuable to organizations like the Sierra Club, NRDC, RMI, PG&E, SDG&E and the California Energy Commission. Redwood Energy has the largest database of circuit-level monitored residential energy use in North America—we have studied the second-by-second use of all circuits in 510 units in 9 developments since 2014. With this data we help our affordable housing clients design wisely, as well as publish in building science journals and support Code making bodies.

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