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Yarrow Village


About Project

Yarrow Village is a twenty-five-unit affordable housing project for low-income seniors. Designed at 80% Zero Net Energy. These adorable homes are equipped with solar PV to offset much of the energy costs for residents through Net Energy Metering (NEM). NEM allows customers who generate their own energy to serve their own energy needs and receive financial credit for surplus energy generated. Redwood Energy’s utility calculation predicted these units to be $16.70/month for 1-bedroom units & $21.05/month for 2-bedroom units. Having low energy bills gives security and a lower cost of living for fixed-income seniors.

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  • 80% Zero Net Energy
  • 25 Affordable Housing Units for low-income seniors

Working for a Zero Net Energy California

Redwood Energy has led the design of more than 20,000 units of Zero Net Energy, all-electric affordable housing, and 200 all-electric market rate residences.