Bear River Band Rancheria Energy Sovereignty Master Plan

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Redwood Energy conducts cutting edge research in Zero Net Energy economics.  Technological advances combined with energy efficient design have made all-electric residential design cost competitive with conventional gas-electric hybrid models.

We have also done work supporting energy sovereignty. See the attached Bear River Band Rancheria Energy Sovereignty Master Plan for a full report. The following is an abbreviated description of details in the report.

"The Energy Sovereignty Master Plan is a detailed energy audit report with recommended improvements and cost analyses for best options for mechanical equipment replacement and building shell enhancement to reduce energy consumption in all buildings on the property. The report also includes alternatives and cost analyses for energy produced on site in four scenarios with combinations of biomass, solar, wind and battery storage. The report ends with financial resources available for the development of a micro-grid and energy resources."

Another research project supporting the energy sovereignty ambitions of the Bear River Band Rancheria is a complete Building Code for New Construction, which covers everything from Site and Design to Landscaping, Building Envelope, HVAC, Plumbing, Lighting and Appliances, Health and Materials, Performance, Renewable Energy, and Education.

Check back with our site as we reveal our research findings that show the environmental and economic benefits of all-electric building designs…

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Redwood Energy has led the design of more than 1500 units of Zero Net Energy, all-electric affordable housing, and 200 all-electric market rate residences.

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