Maria Cecilia Quiñones Peña

Maria Cecilia Quiñones Peña is a Senior Project Manager on the National Strategic Engagement team at Elevate, a nonprofit organization dedicated to designing and implementing efficiency programs that lower costs, protect the environment, and ensure the benefits of energy efficiency reach those who need them most. In this role, Ms. Quiñones Peña provides tailored services to property owners, managers, and developers, to meet their high-performance property goals. Maria leverages her expertise to evaluate and support implementation of energy and water efficiency, renewables, resiliency solutions, electrification, and decarbonization. To date, she has touched almost 400 properties representing almost 24 million square feet of space and 9,000 multifamily units. She also manages a data-driven studies analyzing the opportunity and challenges of implementing energy efficiency programs for affordable multifamily housing stock in Los Angeles, CA and in the state of Wisconsin. Additionally, Maria supports the Building Electrification Program, an innovative pilot working to electrify multifamily properties in the Midwest. Before joining Elevate, Ms. Quiñones was a Commercial Sustainability Services Project Engineer at Southface Energy Institute, where she conducted energy and water assessments on small and large commercial buildings and provided energy efficiency implementation services and general sustainability consulting. She also led the original program design and implementation for Atlanta’s largest commercial buildings benchmarking program, establishing a solid platform for the City’s first energy benchmarking ordinance.

Last Updated:
August 31, 2023


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